Well, I think it's worth looking into, because facts can potentially spur more empathy from the people who are easily swayed by narrative. Not everyone is naturally empathetic, so they needs facts to "guide" them into doing what is moral (i.e. the entire nation of America). Indeed, Beijing has just as much a legitimate claim to Taiwan as North Vietnam has to South Vietnam (note: they are currently one unified country; this is because they managed to fend off the Western imperialists trying to divide them as they did Korea, and succeed). Similarly, Taiwan would not be a separatist state if it were not for the US. So while we shouldn't need historical context to not want to rabidly start WW3, I think that historical context will definitely help. Feel free to check the following video by an American who lives in China and sees things clearly, much like you do, Caitlin: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d8W1WpMQz_o

I don’t paywall my garbage content and you shouldn’t either.

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