The Yin and Yang of Politics

How we can choose the right side to take by tuning in to our inner selves

Corduroy Bologna
4 min readNov 9, 2021


We don’t need to understand history and politics to have a grasp of right and wrong in the world.

We only need to tune ourselves in to the energy around us.

All of what we do is driven by either ego (resentment, blame, cynicism), or gratitude (acceptance of things the way the are, and a desire to improve our personal situation for the good of ourselves and our communities).

The reason political situations in other countries are so easy to hijack as means of exploitation of a local population is because we cannot sense the energetic motivations of either side of that situation. We align ourselves with what we logically consider to be right and just according to our logical understanding of righteousness and justice. But we lack first-hand connection, or feeling.

If we were to tune in directly to those energies occurring in the region of interest, we would not have to know the political background of said situation. We would only have to feel.

But can’t our feelings be informed by our logical views and opinions?

Yes, they can. That’s why it’s imperative that we first gain insight into our own inner nature. Simply put, we have to be able to distinguish which of the two energetic forms is motivating any given action we take. Some people have a victim mindset, and have a tendency to blame others for their own suffering; these are people who are very detached from their inner being. The actions they are taking stem from ego, and do nothing to improve their situation (an in fact, oftentimes exacerbate it). Complaining becomes an addition, gratifying in and of itself, even when no progress is made, nor solutions found.

Once we are able to detect this energetic motivation within ourselves, we will be able to detect it in the environment around us. Energies (otherwise known as “vibes”) are transferred effortlessly from person to person and combine to form a collective energy field at scale: that scale can be as small as a household, and as large as a country. When we look at collective energy at any scale, determining its “rightness” or “wrongness” is as simple as discovering the dominant motivation of the actions that are being taken within it. Ego is the only evil in the world, and all other evils stem from it. Therefore, a large-scale collective energy field dominated by ego is one which will contain innumerable suffering at the individual/household scale, in a vast plethora of manifestations: discrimination, crime, violence, economic inequality, political polarization — hate of all kinds. That hate becomes the default state, the normal outcome of the overall ego-driven energy field of which it is a part. Governments usually place a large role in moderating, or exacerbating, the default energy state of a population, although it is possible for anyone within it to achieve a different state than the default (yin is present in yang, yang in yin). When a majority of people within a population achieve personal inner transformation, the overall state of the society will transform. Personal transformation, meanwhile, requires great effort, and often results in condemnation from those who are in the habit of blaming and victimizing themselves.

Thus, spiritual growth and politics are invariably intertwined. The person with a more advanced state of spiritual development (i.e. better alignment with Truth, or gratitude), will be able to assess a political situation much more accurately than someone who has a PhD in the subject but never took the time to meditate.

So, next time there is a mass political controversy flooding into our senses via social media and the news, don’t take a side right away. Step back, close your eyes, and feel it out. Then inform yourself to determine whether your feeling was correct. This way, you will always be able to take the “right” side.

Tl;dr -

All political issues can be assessed by the energetic motivations of the people/parties involved. Energetic motivations take one of two forms.

Ego: Resistance, hate, resentment, anger, blame, self-victimization, politicization.

Gratitude: Acceptance of the Universe the way it is; not trying to change things than cannot be changed, aiming to improve your personal situation by aligning with the Truth (which comes from within)

Ego is always the wrong side, whereas gratitude is the right side.

Note: taking the right “side” usually means not taking a side at all, because the available options are usually two sides of the same ego-coin. Opting out of the movement is often the best side to take; the only movement worth working towards is the one which results in ultimate awakening and fulfillment of the self (i.e. not an external movement, but an individual one).



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