The PhD-ilemma

How research is being exploited by corporations and academic institutions in a society of shifting incentives

The economics of research are corrupt and skewed

The current research ecosystem has been built up over the years into a vicious cycle wherein: funding leads to innovation, innovation leads to reputation, reputation leads to talent, talent leads to more funding and innovation, leaving any opportunity for independent research without collaboration from a large organization practically impossible.

Corporations gain control over the technologies developed through research

Research is also big business — at large universities like Stanford, sponsored research often exceeds revenues from tuition. *

People start pursuing PhD for the wrong reasons, eroding their value and leading to their impending obsolescence

The benefits of a PhD a not as significant as one might expect (Image copyright:

The future is not be as bleak as it seems

Expanding the scope of research outside of a handful of academic institutions would be an incredible step, one that could allow part-time researchers to contribute their knowledge as well.*

Could this be the lab of the future for independent researchers? ( Photo by Vital Sinkevich on Unsplash)



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