The Instagram Scam that is Spreading Like a Virus in May 2022

How to avoid it and how to resolve it if you get hacked

Part 1: Avoid Getting Hacked

Part 2: How the Scam Works

Part 3: Getting Your Account Back

  1. Go to the login screen where you would typically log in.
  2. Tap “Get help logging in” below the password input form
  3. On the next page, tap “Can’t reset your password?”
  4. Select your phone number which should still be saved in the list, and tap “Next” (if not, you can select your email address)
  5. Input the security code that comes via text message
  6. The next step will be the Two-Factor Authentication step that the hacker enabled, you cannot complete this step, so tap “Try Another Way” at the bottom of the screen.
  7. Tap “Get Support” from the menu, and then choose “My account was hacked” from the list
  8. On the next page, choose “Yes, I have a photo of myself in my account.”
  9. It will ask you for an email address. Type it in and then press submit.
  10. Wait a minute or two and then enter the code you get in your email inbox, and tap “Confirm”
  11. Now, the video selfie page should appear. Follow the instructions on the screen, moving your head slowly in the direction indicated. Once finished, hit “Submit”.
Instagram not letting me upload selfie videos.
The hacker is very clever and localizes the scam text to the primary language of the person whose account they hacked. Luckily, they just use Google translate, so the translations are not that good.
My warning to my followers not to trust the messages sent by my hacked account. Definitely worked in some cases, but not all.

Part 6: What Instagram must do to resolve this issue.

Part 7: Where do we go from here.



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