It's clear that the US cannot be trusted to responsibly handle the "personal responsibilities" whether or not that is a result of poor "gov't messaging and financial support". American's are resistant towards any form of monitoring - an irrational paranoia of authoritarianism (all that high-school Soviet/communism fear-mongering has proven to come back to bite us) which leaves contact tracing out of the question. Vaccines will take time, even if effective, to be approved by the FDA, which makes them unreliable as a short-term solution. Ventilation and air-filtration are also very "personal responsibilities". It takes individual decision making, effort, and expenditure to install such systems. This leaves stringent isolation measures as our last and most promising option. This would include closing of all state borders (which should have happened in the very beginning, as to isolate the spread to a set of discrete, identifiable locations within the country). We've seen what happens when we let politics get in the way of life-death situations. Perhaps it is too late, and we may reach herd immunity, but now it's a matter of decisive action on the part of state governments.

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