Hi Chris, thanks for taking the time to responds. I'll address your points one by one.

1. I don't complain about the government, so I will not feel at loss for opting out of my right to complain about the government. I believe that I am responsible for managing my life given the circumstances (or constraints) imposed on me by society, so rather than blaming others for my struggles, I'd rather work to overcome them.

2. It is my argument here that acting in the way we have been taught is responsible in our democratic system is, indeed, contribution to a devolution of consciousness of our people. You have refuted my claim without giving any basis for your argument, so I there's nothing further for me to address on this point.

3. By publishing this piece, I am attempting to spread this message to as many people as are willing to listen. Anyone is more than welcome to respond with their own personal experiences, but making a claim like that is very unconvincing to me. I'm there must be some peer reviewed studies which validate that figure, and that you're not just saying that as a politically motivated attack against the president?

I don’t paywall my garbage content and you shouldn’t either.

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